What a Mix

It is with pleasure that we once again welcome well known Mount Pleasant Artist
and TOTT Member Joe Dennis to our exhibition space with her solo exhibition “What a Mix”. An accomplished artist across many mediums, including pastel, acrylic and water colour, Joe is also a skillful potter. This exhibition features her latest works including a large selection of striking wall art
along with an array of pottery and ceramic pieces that are both decorative and functional.
Unframed originals as well as a selection of handmade printed cards are also available

Joe Dennis speaking with patrons about her art.

The exhibition was opened by Lesley Jorgensen, a fellow artist and lifetime friend of Jo’s.

The conditions may have been un-seasonally cool, damp & grey however there were visitors-a-plenty and smiles all ’round at the TOTT on Sunday 23rd October for the official
opening of ‘What a Mix’, a mixed media exhibition by Joe Dennis.
In opening the exhibition, Joe’s longtime friend and Member of the Pastel Association
of South Australia Lesley Jorgensen raised the questions of “What makes an artist & Why do they create?”

“If you make Art, you are an Artist” she said, “It is not dictated by financial or professional
success. You don’t have to have been to Art School to be an Artist. A true Artist constantly
educates themselves. They walk a path of self-development and try to keep up with the
changing times. True artists are learners for life, they believe in growth and are always
trying to improve.”

For many artists it is a way of celebrating the aesthetics of the ordinary or common and mundane things and for others such as Joe, it is a way of depicting the beauty that they see in nature and the landscape”.

The exhibition is on display until 4th December.