Who is Angas and where is he from?

Angas is our resident artwork who proudly stands in the front garden of the Gallery. He is the work of local artist Adrian Beacham, and is the result of a grant from the Adelaide Hills Council for street art.

What is he made of?

Angas is the artists impression of a ‘Perentie’, Australia’s largest goanna, and measures 2.1m in length. He is made from 135 recycled horseshoes, that have been straightened or forged to shape to give the final result.

Why Angas?

The name Angus is a tribute to one of South Australia’s founding fathers and his family. George Fife Angas played a significant part in the formation and establishment of the Province of South Australia. He established the South Australian Company and was its founding chairman of the board of directors. He was also a land holder and is believed to have owned the land on which the settlement of Blumberg (Birdwood) was leased. His son George French Angas was an English explorer, naturalist, painter and poet who emigrated to Australia. The township of Angaston was named after the Angas family.

With all of this information at hand it seemed only fitting we called him Angas as a tribute to the town’s and state’s heritage. Since his installation he has been a popular attraction for the gallery and a very popular subject for the children who love to sit on his back .