Ann Beacham – Glass Artist

Ann Beacham - Glass Artist

My journey as a glass artist started over 20 years ago, with my beginnings in lead light. Initially I started creating lead light windows for my homes. As time progressed, I was asked to restore and create some lead light lamps, windows and sun catchers.

More recently I have started creating my artworks using fusing, slumping and draping methods. This process involves cutting, shaping, and melting together multiple pieces of glass to a finished piece. The fusing process involves a lot of forward thinking to get the right results as the glass shape changes as it is heated. These pieces can be 2 or 3 dimensional, sometimes requiring multiple firings to get the blend and shape required.

The images below are an example of my work. Click on an image to see a full size image and slide show.

As a glass artist, I get a lot of inspiration from my surroundings and my garden . I incorporate that into my work. Working together with my husband Adrian, we often bounce ideas of each other and have created a portfolio of our art at Tong and Chic Creations. Look us up on Facebook as well