Annette Dawson – Mixed Media Artist

From the time I received my first paint set, I have loved being creative and as a child growing up in Tea Tree Gully I dreamed of being an artist. I was inspired to use acrylic paints as a 15 year old when studying art at Banksia Park High School. Now more than 40 years later my artistic journey continues. My pathway over the years, has lead me to explore other mediums including silk painting, pastels and printmaking.

I still live within the City of Tea Tree Gully, creating from my studio in the kitchen of my Golden Grove home. I have always loved telling stories through my creativity. Each of my paintings represents threads of a memory that I have experienced. These threads are a part of the interwoven tapestry that reflects my life.

Applying medium to a canvas is just part of the process. It is having experienced the moment that brings an artwork to life. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the threads of my life story unfold at Top of the Torrens Gallery.