Alana Preece – Artist

‘I am fascinated with colour, light, line and space and the way these elements interact with each other on the forms and surfaces of the natural world around me. In particular, the way in which these elements combine to inform us on a subconscious level, and the impact this has on our wellbeing.’

1955 Born: Burnie, Tasmania
1974-1976 Visual Arts Degree (Teaching): Tasmanian School of Art, Hobart, Tasmania
1977-1978 Art Teacher: Riverside High School, Launceston, Tasmania
1978-1982 Graphic Artist: State Library of Tasmania, Launceston, Tasmania
1986 Moved to Adelaide, SA
1990 Established professional arts practice, Adelaide, SA
1999-2002 Facilitator: (creative expression workshops for adult survivors of child abuse), Fullarton, SA

I have always been an artist…a ‘maker of things’. I have always believed in the healing power of natural landscape.

I grew up in Tasmania in close relationship with the natural environment. Throughout my life, elements of Australian landscape have continually inspired my work through colours, textures, play of light and sense of space. Born with an eye for detail, a keen sense of design and an innate awareness of the spaces around us, I have always been able to ‘see’ beyond the surface and pieces of life to a ‘bigger whole’. This has fuelled my lifelong quest as an artist to take the viewer beyond the surface of the work to a quiet place of connection with self (and all of life).

During my 30+ years in Tasmania, my creative output was varied: painting, drawing, ceramics, stained glass and the ever-present tactile process of working with and creation of textiles (sewing, spinning and weaving). Since developing my professional arts practice in SA, my oeuvre has also been broad, though largely based on painting and drawing.

For many years in Adelaide, I painted interior murals in hospitals, special schools, offices, cafes and homes. This work was particularly sought after for its healing / therapeutic qualities.

Since 2005 I have been creating unique mosaic mirrors. These mirrors offer an opportunity to play with light and reflection, extending my quest to take the viewer beyond the surface of the artwork.

In 2017 I was introduced to the ‘wet felting’ technique and immediately began creating nuno felt ‘wearable’ art pieces (scarves/wraps). These beautiful, lightweight, one-of-a-kind pieces, are a 3D extension of my decades of painting and bring together many of my lifetime loves – fabrics, fibre and textiles, organic and tactile ‘hands on’ process, photography (capturing my inspiration), painting and drawing, my long interest in the effect of colour, line, light and space, and my spiritual connection to and absolute fascination with the colours and textures of the Australian landscape. In these wearable pieces, through a sensitive use of colour, line and texture, the wearer is wrapped in aspects of landscape experience, becoming part of the piece.

I have been exhibiting my work for many decades and during this time have won many awards and prizes. Over the decades I have completed many commissions, in all mediums and genres in which I have worked. My work is held in public and private collections throughout Australia and overseas. In 2016 my website (, a comprehensive collection of my work and intent, was included in the Australian National Digital Archive (PANDORA), deemed by the State Library of South Australia (in conjunction with the National Library of Australia), as being of “cultural significance and long term research value to ongoing generations”.

I work from a home studio in Redwood Park, South Australia.

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