Art Exhibitions

If you are looking for Art Exhibitions in the Adelaide Hills, then you must call in to the Top of the Torrens Gallery and view our current art exhibition. Regular art exhibitions are held on a bi-monthly basis. If you are interested in holding an art exhibition at the gallery, please contact the exhibition co-ordinator through the contact page.

Our Art exhibition during the month of August is our South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Exhibition . To find out more about SALA please follow this link.

Our exhibition list for the current year is now available.

  • Black, White & a Touch of Colour
    Simone Linder-Patton, Talia Dawson, Annette Dawson

    4th February to 17th March CURRENT EXHIBITION
  • Art in the Making
    Artisans Exhibition
    24th March to 5th May
  • Silver Threads & Golden Needles
    Textile and Jewellery Exhibition
    12th May to 30th June
  • Our Stories
    SALA Exhibition
    7th July to 25th August
  • The Art of Wood
    Woodworking Exhibition
    1st September to 13th October
  • Whatever Next
    Adrian and Ann Beacham & Mike and Evelyn Painter
    20th October to 1st December
  • In the Heat of Summer
    Summer Members Exhibition
    8th December to 26th January 2025

Our previous year’s exhibitions are listed here.