Adrian Beacham – Metal Artist

Adrian Beacham is a metal artist from Birdwood in the Adelaide hills. His journey in metal art is somewhat accidental. Adrian’s career started with mechanical systems and working with designers and engineers. He had visions on how things could be made to suit a purpose or improved on, and this led to designing and creating items to be aesthetically pleasing. Having taken an early retirement, he now dedicates some of his time to making artistic visions a reality.

His metal art is a combination of different skills from metal forming and forging. Often combining the metal with other mediums such as glass, wood and stone. He recycles a lot of material to create his metal art because the creative vision comes from the different shapes seen in some objects. Some of his earlier works were predominantly wrought iron designs. Garden arches, gazebos and wrought iron furniture were the main focus. Function and form all had a place in the designs.  More recently he is inspired by the area he lives in and the animals encountered.

Sometimes he works with his talented wife Ann. She is an accomplished glass artist and there are often collaborations of their work. They always looking for ideas and inspiration, and are always open to creating individual pieces of art to suit your needs and ideas.

Here is an example of Adrian’s work. Click on an image to see a larger version and slide show.

More examples of their work can be seen at Tong and Chic Creations or on our Facebook Page

Adrian Beacham
Metal Artist