The building that is home to the Top of the Torrens Gallery was built in 1860 by Franz Bevilaqua on one of nine allotments owned by the Bluemels family. From 1861-1885 the building was used by F.J.T. Pflaum as a Post Office and General Store. It remained in the Pflaum family until 1968, when it was incorporated into the National Motor Museum Complex. 

It was used as a tearoom until February 1997, when it became the Top of The Torrens Gallery. The historic rooms still include many of the original features of the shop front. These include the pressed metal soffit lining and large 1940’s style windows. The original shingle tiles remain under the corrugated iron roof.

An Executive Committee, comprised of a President, Secretary, Treasurer and at least 4 other elected ordinary members, manage the day-to-day running of the gallery. Additional roles are undertaken by members of the committee. Some of these roles are exhibition curator , gallery shop coordinator, maintenance, volunteer rosters, gift shop management, social media etc.

Top of the Torrens Gift shop with hand made items ffom many of the local artists
Our Gift Shop

We also have a very well stocked gift shop with many hand made items for sale. All of our artists have the ability to have items for sale in the gift shop.